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Houston Pastor Arrested Among 140 Men in Prostitution Sting at Brothel

 Houston Pastor Arrested Among 140 Men in Prostitution Sting at Brothel

Senior pastor for the First Haitian Community Church, Ermonte Moliere was among the 140 men who were arrested during a prostitution sting by the Houston Police Department.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) arrested at least 140 men in a 10-day sting at a massage-parlor-turned-brothel on Westheimer.

Among the men arrested was Emonte Moliere, whom the First Haitian Community Church lists as the senior pastor.

Public records and the arrest complaint match the same address for Moliere and his wife.
The records also show that other than a minor traffic infraction, Moliere has no prior criminal history.

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Pastor G Resigned with Generous Benefits, Severance Pay and Housing

Pastor G Resigned with Generous Benefits, Severance Pay and Housing

Richmond Outreach Center founding pastor Geronimo "Pastor G" Aguilar, who resigned with three other pastors from the church amid an explosive sex scandal on June 5, will continue to receive his $115,930 annual salary and reside in the church's half-million dollar parsonage until December.

The severance deal was arrived by the ROC board of directors "after much discussion and taking his family into consideration," according to a report in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The ROC church announced the resignation of their founding pastor, Pastor Jason Helmlinger, Pastor Andrew Delgado and Pastor G's brother, Pastor Matthew Aguilar, in a brief statement on June 5.

All the resignations stemmed from Pastor G's extradition to Texas in late May to face seven felony charges, including aggravated sexual assault of two sisters under age 14. The charges are related to incidents that occurred before he began the ROC ministry in 2003. If convicted, he will face life in prison.

Attorney for the ROC Stephen C. Lewis explained that the board felt Pastor G deserved the severance package because of his years of service as the founder of the church.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dr. Myles Munroe: Keeping His Legacy Alive

Son of the Minister Honoring His Father, Dr. Myles Munroe

Today, Myles Jr. continues to head up his father's International Ministry and is working on establishing the Myles Munroe Foundation to honor his father.

"I want to make sure I carry this legacy and carry it the right way, my sister and I. We have a lot we want to do, a lot we feel that needs to be done," he said.

Griffith: What's the thing you miss the most?

"My dad was to me the smartest man I've ever met. I felt like I could go to him and ask him his opinion on anything. I miss those one-on-one conversations," he said.

"My mother, I miss making her smile. It was always so easy for me to put a smile on her face," he continued. "I'm a mama's boy so I just miss being able to have that mother-son relationshp."

"His death has made me so much more determined that I am going to die empty," Stubbs said. "Everything that I came to this planet to give, I intend to do."

Although there will never be another Myles Munroe, his legacy will live on in the hearts and lives of the people he touched here in the Bahamas and around the world.


Original post from November 19, 2014 below:

The Board of Governors of Bahamas Faith Ministries International along with the families of Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder would like to announce the following dates for Home Going and Memorial Services.

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Dr. Myles Munroe Funeral Arrangements Announced | AT2W

Ex- Pastor Rodney Carr Sentenced to 5 Years for Spreading HIV [UPDATE]

As of March 29, 2016, we have not been able to find any new updates on this story from Nov. 11, 2014. Please stay tuned for any updates we may find in the near future.

A former preacher Rodney Carr was sentenced to five years in prison because he knowingly spread HIV...Carr, a former minister at Fellowship of Believers in Christ Church, was diagnosed in 2005 but did not tell his girlfriend during their 2010-2011 relationship. She is now HIV positive as well.

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Pastor Rodney Carr Sentenced to 5 Years for Knowingly Spreading HIV | AT2W

Wife, Cheryl Fortune Breaks Silence on Twitter as Husband {UPDATE}


UPDATE on March 2016:

Gospel Singer James Fortune Must be Offended By Us, So He Blocked Us on Twitter!
It is always interesting to know if what we as bloggers write about gets back to the person in article. Well, we assume gospel singer James Fortune must have been offended by something we said about him in an article or a tweet on his Twitter page.
We happened to go on his Twitter page and saw the message  "You are blocked from following @MrJamesFortune...! Ha! We don't really care but at least he read what we stated and made some kind of movement. LOL!

Reported on Nov. 2014

Allegedly, the wife of James Fortune has been tweeting since here husband's court appearance.  Cheryl Fortune tweeted in her own words that prayer changes things.  We realize, no matter what she has been through, God is...

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Gospel Artist Wife, Cheryl Fortune Breaks Silence on Twitter as Husband Stays Under the Radar | AT2W

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Their a Narcissistic Gene in the Preacher's Kid?

Is Their a Narcissistic Gene in the Preacher's Kid?

What do you know about your pastor's kids? Are they anything like their narcissistic parents? What can I say about PK's better known as, "Preacher Kids"?  Often times, the term PK's or "Preacher Kids" is used in a descriptive way and as a stereotype. PK's are viewed as the "perfect ones" and/or the next future leaders . When in fact, most PK's are disassociated with the church. Yes-you read that correctly. Most "Preacher Kids" are rebels against the church and their own parents. The REAL question that we should be asking is: What are the real reasons why preacher kids leave the church? Several reasons why some PK's leave the church is this:

Preachers’ kids who leave the faith may do so for a variety of reasons. Many preachers’ kids are deeply hurt by the way church members treat their parents. Young people see the anger and conflict that can arise in even the best of congregations, and they conclude that the “religion” these people profess can’t be real. Young people see these conflicts as hypocrisy...

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Let's About Lesbianism In The Black Church

Let's About Lesbianism In The Black Church

When people hear about gays in the Black Church they automatically think it's the 'gay black man'. When in fact, it is the number of Black lesbians in the Black church that's alarming. Many won't believe the amount of lesbians that's in Black churches... from the Pastor's wife on down. Okay, so let's have Pastor's wives that's a lesbian, the Usher, the Sunday School Teacher, etc. Lesbianism is just as bad as gay men in the Black church, but society treats as if lesbianism doesn't exist in the church. Why is this though? Is it because the "gay Black man" is more noticeable because of his feminine ways? Is it because the Black community stigmatize the male choir director or musician as the gay ones?...

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