Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Their a Narcissistic Gene in the Preacher's Kid?

Is Their a Narcissistic Gene in the Preacher's Kid?

What do you know about your pastor's kids? Are they anything like their narcissistic parents? What can I say about PK's better known as, "Preacher Kids"?  Often times, the term PK's or "Preacher Kids" is used in a descriptive way and as a stereotype. PK's are viewed as the "perfect ones" and/or the next future leaders . When in fact, most PK's are disassociated with the church. Yes-you read that correctly. Most "Preacher Kids" are rebels against the church and their own parents. The REAL question that we should be asking is: What are the real reasons why preacher kids leave the church? Several reasons why some PK's leave the church is this:

Preachers’ kids who leave the faith may do so for a variety of reasons. Many preachers’ kids are deeply hurt by the way church members treat their parents. Young people see the anger and conflict that can arise in even the best of congregations, and they conclude that the “religion” these people profess can’t be real. Young people see these conflicts as hypocrisy...

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Let's About Lesbianism In The Black Church

Let's About Lesbianism In The Black Church

When people hear about gays in the Black Church they automatically think it's the 'gay black man'. When in fact, it is the number of Black lesbians in the Black church that's alarming. Many won't believe the amount of lesbians that's in Black churches... from the Pastor's wife on down. Okay, so let's have Pastor's wives that's a lesbian, the Usher, the Sunday School Teacher, etc. Lesbianism is just as bad as gay men in the Black church, but society treats as if lesbianism doesn't exist in the church. Why is this though? Is it because the "gay Black man" is more noticeable because of his feminine ways? Is it because the Black community stigmatize the male choir director or musician as the gay ones?...

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Obnoxious Narcissist Andrew Caldwell


 Andrew Caldwell: The Obnoxious Narcissist

What can I say about the infamous Andrew Caldwell? This type of person is what I call a 'Obnoxious Narcissist'. An Obnoxious Narcissist in my opinion is someone who loves to show off and draw attention to oneself, even if that means doing absolutely anything  to grab the spotlight. Now, doesn't that sounds like Mr. Caldwell. Andrew Caldwell is an embarrassment to all Black churches all over. For people who struggles with  homosexuality and wants to be free, this is the worst advocate that the Black Church could have ever choose to say the words, "I'm not gay no more, I am delivert".

We do not support Mr. Caldwell at all, in fact we believe it was all an publicity stunt...

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A Story about An Apostolic Mother who is Emotionally Abusive and Narcissistic

A Story about An Apostolic Mother who is Emotionally Abusive and Narcissistic

My mother is the oldest girl out of nine children who was raised in a single parent home by my grandmother. When my mother was six years old, her father died in a car accident. I could only imagine the devastation and impact that a child at the age of my mother at that time would have.

 My grandfather's death trigger the narcissistic behavior that my mother suffers with today. My mother emotions were involuntary disruptive because the death of her father, which in turn caused her to later become emotionally abusive towards her children. You see-emotional abuse occurs when the mother tries to fill those needs of hers which normally would have been already been filled during a healthy childhood and adolescence.

Below are characteristics of emotional abusive mothers:

1.Making the child/teen feel responsible for the mother's feelings.
2.Threatening them in general.
3.Threatening them specifically with rejection or abandonment.
4. Threatening them with vague, unstated consequences.
5. Using force upon them. Invalidating their feelings.
6.Laying undeserved guilt on them.
7. Placing undeserved blame on them....

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Characteristics of the Narcissistic Black Man

 The Narcissistic Black Man

The narcissistic Black man is a dragged out knocked out topic that will take days to explain. On that note, this will be the introduction of my point of view about the narcissistic black man. Get ready because it's going to be epic! Take moment and read the following descriptions about the narcissistic Black man. Stay tuned for part II.

The Narcissistic Black Man is...

Uses "gas-lighting" tactics
Shows no remorse for mistakes or deeds
Unreliable & undependable...

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The Story about one Woman's Narcissist Sister

The Story about one Woman's Narcissist Sister

What can I say about my narcissistic sister, Nicole. Well, she's definitely just like my narcissistic mother. Growing up with a sibling who too is considered narcissistic was difficult. The mind games, jealous rage, and her blackmail tactics has destroyed my trust in her. Was this surprising to me? Certainly not. Nicole is my narcissistic mother 's favorite child, in other words the "golden child". Nicole's abusive ways weren't physical, they were always verbal. She became worst as she has gotten older.

Narcissism is real in the Black community. This article is the introduction of countless stories about my narcissistic sibling...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Black Churches and the Lies Told to their members

Black Churches and the Lies Told to their members

In our previous articles: The Cult Leader: The Black Preacher and  The Traditional Black Church: Where are We Today we talked about how the Black Church has gotten away from the church our ancestors came from and how today's Black churches are mainly preaching the prosperity sermon. We could not agree more with the video below. Do you agree or disagree?...

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