Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Myth of Prosperity Preaching Amongst Many Black Christians

AT2W Readers: We have been exploring the subject of black churches, megachurches and tithing. We want you to read this author's opinion on prosperity in the church and tithing. Let us know what you think about it as we allow a new author to display her work on our site, Patricia Dickson...With the in-your-face display of greed and arrogance of the so-called pastors on the reality show Preachers of L.A., I began to wonder: when will black Christians wake up and say enough is enough? Although there are some white pastors of mega-churches who have a net worth of almost triple their congregants as well, I want to focus on the plight of the black saints who sit under the ministry of black pastors (and some white pastors) Sunday after Sunday and continue to live paycheck to paycheck.

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The Myth of Prosperity Preaching Amongst Many Black Christians | AT2W

IRS Monitoring Churches for Electioneering

We all knew it would happen and the time is now that church truly live up to the stance of "Church VS State". The IRS is cracking down on churches that engage in partisan political activity. Read below what a report stated on the lawsuit against the IRS to monitor these activities on a more regular and vigorous degree, especially since several complaints have been submitted.

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Churches Are Now being Monitored by the IRS for Electioneering | AT2W

Monday, July 28, 2014

Interview with Cast of ‘Preacher’s Exes’ Reality Show

This reality show is not going anywhere even though not everyone agrees with it...Let's see what 'The Dee Armstrong Show' has to say about the video below:...They may talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? These Preachers' Exes are shopping their reality show and could be the next big reality tv show on cable or the networks.

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‘Dee Armstrong Show’ Interviews Cast of ‘Preacher’s Exes’ Reality Show | AT2W

Atheist Group Gets Promise from IRS to Investigate Tax Exempt Churches

The Internal Revenue Service has allegedly promised an atheist group they will investigate tax exempt churches.   One question, why does it seem like some of these atheists groups are bullies?  Why are many of theme on a mission to either silence...

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IRS Promises Atheist Group to Investigate Tax Exempt Churches | AT2W

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Charles Jenkins Allegedly Associated with Crooked Business Partner Raided by FBI


Not only has Pastor Charles Jenkins allegedly had an eight year affair, but he also has been associated with an alleged crook, but the name of LaVan Hawkins.  Hawkins has been raided by the FBI.  Pastor Jenkins has been associating business affairs with his church member since 2007, possibly prior to that year.   Of course, God forgives any minister who makes personal mistakes and...

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Pastor Charles Jenkins Allegedly Associated with Crooked Business Partner Raided by FBI | AT2W

New Blasphemous “Black Jesus” Show ?


Now, do you see why we tell you, we choose to worship Christ, no matter what race he was while on earth?  Simply, because some black people are so ignorant they will fall for anything.  If we are going to be proud of...

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Cartoon Network Reveals New Blasphemous “Black Jesus” Show | AT2W

Women Proposing Marriage to Men?

Some women are just downright weak. We are sorry to say this but it doesn't matter what day an age we are in and how modern this world becomes, NO WOMEN SHOULD EVER, EVER PROPOSE MARRIAGE TO A MAN!! Period!! In the photo above that we found on Facebook shows a young woman on her knees asking a man to marry her!! She has somehow succumbed to the pressures of getting married and her low self-esteem has brought her down to a all time low.

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When Did Women Start Proposing Marriage to Men? | AT2W

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