Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Their a Narcissistic Gene in the Preacher's Kid?

Is Their a Narcissistic Gene in the Preacher's Kid?

What do you know about your pastor's kids? Are they anything like their narcissistic parents? What can I say about PK's better known as, "Preacher Kids"?  Often times, the term PK's or "Preacher Kids" is used in a descriptive way and as a stereotype. PK's are viewed as the "perfect ones" and/or the next future leaders . When in fact, most PK's are disassociated with the church. Yes-you read that correctly. Most "Preacher Kids" are rebels against the church and their own parents. The REAL question that we should be asking is: What are the real reasons why preacher kids leave the church? Several reasons why some PK's leave the church is this:

Preachers’ kids who leave the faith may do so for a variety of reasons. Many preachers’ kids are deeply hurt by the way church members treat their parents. Young people see the anger and conflict that can arise in even the best of congregations, and they conclude that the “religion” these people profess can’t be real. Young people see these conflicts as hypocrisy...

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