Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dr. Teleka Patrick Case: New Investigator Believes Foul Play, Is Marvin Sapp Involved?

Although, there could be foul play in the case of Pastor Marvin Sapp's stalker, Satan could have made this to cause trouble in his life.  You know, Satan is always angry whenever a man or woman of God starts a ministry and he will you strangers to cause a distraction. Yes, he could be one of those black men who just can't stand an idea of being with a black woman and hates it when they are attracted to him, but that's his prerogative. The main thing is, this man has been winning souls for...'

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New Investigator In Dr. Teleka Patrick Case Believes There Foul Play, Let’s Pray for Pastor Marvin Sapp | AT2W

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