Monday, August 4, 2014

Rapper Ma$e Gets Open Penned Letter by Fan

Let's see what writer Jacqueline J. Holness has to say and let us know if you agree with her:..Read letter below:...Dear Mason Betha aka Murder Ma$e aka S.A.N.E. Minister Mason Betha aka Pastor Betha of El Elyon International Church... I’m trying so hard not to judge you right now, but what is you doin’ man? (I’m sayin’ this Atlanta style since that is where you have lived since 1999.) I just read on TMZ that you, the pastor of El Elyon International Church, up and dipped on your congregation and returned to the “rap game full time.” Where they do that at?

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Ex-Pastor Rapper Ma$e Gets Open Penned Letter by Fan | AT2W

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