Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paula White's Gospel: Is She Milking The Cow Through the CME Church?

Pastor Paula White Fleecing the Flock at CME church?


Paula White's Gospel: Is She Milking The Cow Through the CME Church?

And the answer to that question is ... drum roll... absolutely not!

Our friends at Church Lady Blogs have an exclusive for us. We thank them for their diligent work at getting the truth out about the black church and this is just one more that we all need to know about.
It looks like Paula White is doing what she does best: preaching the gospel of prosperity but this time, its through the CME Church. According to CLB and a guest post they received from someone who attended a recent event, they say Paula White is up to her usual antics.
Take a look what the Church Lady Blogs has in store for us through their guest blogger.
I received this message today  from a source who attended  the Laity Ministry service of the CME Quadrennial Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia recently and was so appalled by Paula White’s antics that  she felt compelled to share  her experience with the CLB family.

Guest Post by: Jenn…

My name is “Jenn….” and I’d like to say God bless you and thank you for your commitment to blogging about the issues of the black church.  It is high time that our people WAKE UP! 

I attended a Paula White service in Savannah on last week, and I was appalled and disgusted by what I saw and heard.  I want you to know that everything I’m offering you here is open for your use on your blog.

I was a hairline fracture away from contacting the mainstream media about Paula’s shenanigans, but I’m waiting to see how some other things play out before I take that route.

Everything I’ll share is firsthand information, not hearsay.  I’ll give you as much as I can via video, audio recordings, news media links and other info to help corroborate my data, and you’re free to use it however you choose.

I’m not out to try to bring Paula down, but I just think the black church desperately needs more discerning people to walk in boldness and refuse to continue falling into the trap of gullibility and desperation that keeps us enslaved to gold-digging “preachers.”  This code of silence is killing us and keeping us oppressed and I’m beyond sick of it!!!!!  God is not pleased with the religious debauchery running rampant in the 21st century church!!!
Here’s the deal:

1.  On July 17, 2012, Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter (head honcho) and the leaders 6th Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church brought in Paula White to minister at its ‘Laity Ministry’ service at the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, GA.

 You can also find this on Paula’s travel schedule.  Carter told his pastors and lay people that he didn’t want this to be just an event, but that he wanted them to “experience God.”  Mind you, her message was geared primarily to the pastors in attendance at this conference.

2.  The enormous irony in all of this is the juxtaposition of the early history of the CME Church against the modern day system it espouses.

Read more at The Church Lady Blogs! Great job friends!

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