Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Associate Pastor Clarence Tyrone Taylor arrested by A Child Predator Unit

Clarence T Taylor

Lancaster County Associate Pastor Clarence Tyrone Taylor arrested by A Child Predator Unit

Fox 43 News has provided details of a crime committed by so many but its especially disturbing when a member of the clergy is doing the preying on our youth.

Here's the story below and how this case is being used to get parents more involved in what their children are doing online.
Agents from the Attorney General’s Child Predator Unit have arrested an associate pastor from Lancaster County accused of using Facebook and text messages to sexually soliciting a 15-year old boy, along with sending a nude photo to the boy.
Attorney General Linda Kelly identified the defendant as Clarence Tyrone Taylor, 26, of 442 Manor St., Columbia.
Kelly said that Taylor allegedly made suggestive comments to several young people in his congregation, prompting parents to approach the pastor of the church. In response to those complaints, the pastor contacted Lancaster County Detectives and the Lancaster City Police Department, who forwarded the case to the Attorney General’s Office because of the specialized investigations performed by the Child Predator Unit.
According to the criminal complaint, Taylor used Facebook to contact a 15-year old boy from his church – telling the young man that he was “cute,” commenting on his appearance and suggesting that they spend more time together. Taylor also allegedly encouraged the boy to contact him via cell phone and to delete all messages between them.
Over the course of several days, Taylor allegedly engaged in a series of text message conversations – sending an explicit nude photo to the boy, requesting similar photos in return and suggesting that they meet for sex.
Taylor was taken into custody on Thursday, December 13th, and is charged with:
  • one count of solicitation to commit sexual abuse of children
  • a second-degree felony punishable by up to ten years in prison
  • and a $25,000 fine
Associate Pastor Taylor is also charged with:
  • one count of unlawful contact with a minor (related to obscene and other sexual materials and performances)
  • and one count of criminal use of a communications facility
Both charges are third-degree felonies which are each punishable by up to seven years in prison and $15,000 fines.

He is staying in the Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $75,000 bail and prohibited from having any contact with the victim.

Here's some great useful information for us all to adhere:

Kelly urged parents to regularly discuss Internet safety and security issues with their children, including the importance of telling a trusted adult if someone engages in inappropriate online activity, such as:
  • Sexual discussions.
  • Sending or requesting nude photos or explicit videos.
  • Sharing links to pornography.
  • Trying to arrange face-to-face meetings.
Additionally, Kelly said parents and other caregivers should also monitor how kids are using the Internet, including:
  • Checking the websites they use frequently.
  • Searching the social networking sites they visit.
  • Asking them to show you their online profiles on Facebook and other websites.
  • Discussing the items they may be posting online.


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