Thursday, December 20, 2012

Florida Pastor and School Dean Arrested for Child Abuse

Willie Demps
Florida Pastor and School Dean Arrested for Child Abuse

Report from WKRG:

We are happy the abuse was not sexual but if the pastor apparently went too far in physically disciplining a student, then this is just as bad.

Let's see what happen in the story below.

A local pastor, Willie Demps, who is also an administrator of a local Christian Academy, was arrested yesterday after a student accused him of punching her several times in the leg for misbehaving and paddling her on two other occasions.
Pastor Willie Demps, 69, was arrested at S. L. Jones Christian Academy after an interview with deputies about the incidents.
Demps was accused of Child Abuse after a student told her grandparent that she had been paddled by Demps last week for misconduct. The student then came home limping and told her Grandparent that Demps had punched her thigh several times after an altercation on the bus with another student.
Deputies contacted Demps at the school where he provided deputies with a statement.
After all parties were interviewed and observing the physical evidence, Demps was placed under arrest for three counts of Child Abuse and placed under a $3,000.00 bond.
The child’s injuries were not life threatening.
We know that paddling is still allowed in some schools and churches but there's a fine line when doing so because the parents and student may not want this from someone else. Pastors and teachers have to be careful and know their lmits.  Also, punching a child while paddling is not acceptable. Punching is a form of fighting and is abuse!

Get this: Corporal punishment is allowed in Florida public schools and the DOE said they do not oversee private school policies. This is why the pastor felt he had the right to do so.


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