Thursday, December 20, 2012

Louisville Pastor Arrested for Rape of a Teen Boy

Pastor Isrom Johnson arrested for rape

Louisville Pastor Arrested for Rape of a Teen Boy

Louisville Metro police say they've taken a local church pastor accused of sex crimes off the streets!

It's all part of the Metro Police Department's Special Victims Unit a New Albany church pastor in custody and was arrested for sex crimes with a teenage boy.
"He is a pastor at a church over in New Albany," said Sgt. Donny Burbrink, of the LMPD's Special Victims Unit. "He had been charged with a couple of counts of sodomy first."
The pastor is charged with three counts of second-degree sodomy.

The Rev. Isrom Johnson is the pastor of the Prince of Peace Baptist Church in New Albany and is accused of raping a teenage boy.

Johnson was not the only person to be arrested on this day.
Officers had dozens of warrants, but only found a handful of suspects. Police say it is still worth the time and energy they put into serving the warrants.
"It is worth it when you get to get some of the people that we've gotten tonight off the street," Burbrink said. "It makes us feel better about our job and it makes the city a little bit safer tonight."
We are happy that police were able to get several predators off the street. It's always disturbing when it comes to a member of the clergy being involved but they too must pay the price for their crimes.

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