Monday, January 14, 2013

AME Church Committee Rules Partly in Pastor John J. Hunter's Side

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AME Church Committee Rules Partly in Pastor John J. Hunter's Side

The drama never ceases to end while the people of God want a place to worship, there are still politics being played about who will pastor what church, where and when.

The L.A. Times reports the Rev. John J. Hunter, who was abruptly reassigned as pastor of the oldest black church in Los Angeles, has one at least one victory. In earlier news, Hunter had petitioned to reclaim his position at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Hunter was partly sided by a nine-member church judicial panel when they found that his new church, Bethel San Francisco, was 'out of line' when it physically blocked him from taking the pulpit.

Though the committee has made some stride to side with Hunter on this one issue, they have not yet issued a decision on the most contentious charge made by Hunter that Bishop T. Larry Kirkland violated the Minister's Bill of Rights by abruptly transferring him without the proper 90-day notice, says the L.A. Times.

The report goes on to state:

A ruling in Hunter's favor could give the 55-year-old pastor the support he needs to get reinstated as the head of First AME, a position he has held for the last eight years.

Hunter has maintained that his reassignment was improper and that church law requires him to be moved to a church of equal or greater status. Bethel San Francisco's congregation is 650 members, compared with the 19,000-member church in Los Angeles.

So, church law states a pastor of the A.M.E church should be reassigned to another of 'equal or greater status'? What are we doing here? This seems more like trading goods and services than leading God's people to the kingdom. But of course, the modern day corporate church is run like a business and this is exactly that- a corporation for business! May God help us all!

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