Friday, January 4, 2013

Jane Doe Says Riverside Pastor Matthias Anderson Molested Her for Years is Convicted

pastor Matthias Anderson convicted of sexual abuse

Jane Doe Says Riverside Pastor Molested Her for Years, Pastor Convicted

A woman who was only 13 years old at the time, says she was sexually assaulted by New Wine Ministries pastor Matthias Anderson. She said the sexual abuse continued for three years, she claimed in court.

The woman who remains unnamed, sued Anderson, New Wine Ministries, the Life Project Community & Family Transformation Center, and three other people: Marc Anderson, Matthias' brother and also a pastor at New Wine; Matthias Anderson's wife, and New Wine administrator Debra Flores.

The former pastor Matthias Flores was sentenced to nine years in state prison for sexually assaulting her, the girl says in the complaint.

NOTE: This is the same pastor that was arrested in November 2011 for having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl while her and her mother attended his church women's shelter.

The story goes this way:

Jane Doe says she met Matthias Flores in 2008, when she was 12. He became her pastor, and her mother "came to be employed by New Wine" while Matthias Flores was sexually molesting her, Doe claims in her Superior Court complaint. Does says the pastor contacted her via email, text and phone and forced himself on her in Feb. 2008.

She says her mother "became aware of sexually based messages from the perpetrator to the plaintiff" in the summer of 2010, and reported them to the other defendants and to the Murrieta Police Department.
"The messages sent by the perpetrator clearly indicated that intimate sexual contact had already taken place between plaintiff and the perpetrator and that the perpetrator was planning further encounters with her," the complaint states. "New Wine and Project Life failed to take any action to protect the minor plaintiff and allowed the perpetrator to serve as the senior pastor, all to the plaintiff's further detriment.
"In addition to the incidents set forth above, from approximately February 2008 through November 2011, the perpetrator repeatedly sexually abused and exploited plaintiff by engaging in illegal sexual contact while she was still a minor. Plaintiff was approximately thirteen (13) years old when the sexual abuse began. The perpetrator engaged in this illegal sexual contact with plaintiff on the premises of New Wine, including the physical structure the church parsonage (the perpetrator's house) as well as other locations in the County of Riverside and the County of San Diego.
"In November 2011, perpetrator was arrested for his sexual assaults on plaintiff, and subsequently sentenced to more than nine years in state prison."
We are happy the victim received some justice in the case and we pray she has been able to move forward from this ordeal.


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