Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Isaac Carree Confronts Deitrick Haddon’s Gospel Music Scandal

deitrick haddon says isaac carree had affair with his wife damita

...So, we wanted to say that we, as well, heard about this news a few days ago and decided not to cover it until we received a credible source to reference. Now, we must do so because our readers have been asking for more details as they,too, had already heard things floating in the rumor mill. Well, its no longer rumor and both parties are "telling it like it is." Let's look into what gospel singer Isaac Carree had to say in response to Deitrick Haddon's accusations in an interview...

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Gospel Music Scandal: Singer Isaac Carree Confronts Deitrick Haddon’s Accusations of Affair with Damita Haddon | AT2W

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