Monday, January 21, 2013

NM Pastor's Son Murders Father, Mother and Three of His Siblings

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NM Pastor's Son Murders Father, Mother and Three of His Siblings

A New Mexico teenager has been accused and charged with murdering his pastor father, his mother, and three of his nine siblings on Saturday night in Albuquerque.

Christianity Today reports:

Nehemiah Griego, 15, was arrested after allegedly shooting his father, former Calvary Albuquerque pastor Gregory Griego, as well as four other family members--presumed to be his mother and three elementary-school-aged siblings--with an assault rifle at their Albuquerque home. Griego took a leave of absence from the church, one of New Mexico's largest, last year.


The family posted this on Facebook thru Buzz Feed:
I'm Torn on what to say about the shooting deaths of Greg Griego, his loving wife Sara, and 3 of their beautiful young children. One of their sons is the suspect, and reportedly has confessed. There are other details I just don't feel comfortable in sharing, out of respect for the family, and the legal process. I know a lot of you are wondering what happened & why. We may never know fully or completely. He was a friend, & This I DO know: Greg was an ex con and former Gangbanger who Completely turned his life around through his Faith in Jesus. Greg, with the full support & blessing of his wife and family, spent the rest of his life visiting Jails & Prisons, sharing his story and changing Lives through the Love of Christ. He became a Chaplain & Pastor, and worked tirelessly at MDC in what used to be called "The God Pod". He encouraged and mentored so many of us in the Jail Ministries over the years. I can't pretend to speak for him...but I KNOW he would have asked us to Forgive the one who did this awful thing, because he never thought it was too late to change a person's heart & mind. Greg knew he himself was imperfect, and I know he struggled with his faults (as we all do) over the years. I also know he never believed there was Any man beyond the redemption of Jesus. Please honor his memory & life's work, by showing Love, Compassion & Forgiveness to those who have done wrong & even horrible things. Let us all Fast & Pray, and examine our hearts towards those who commit crimes, have mental illness, and feel hopelessly alone. May our Great & Mighty God protect us all, and see us through this darkness.
 We are praying for the family and their loss. We also pray for the suspect because he truly needs help. May God bless them.

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