Monday, January 14, 2013

Springfield Priest Hand Cuffed And Gagged In Church Calls 911 for Help [Video]
Springfield Priest Hand Cuffed And Gagged In Church Calls 911 for Help [Video]

Reports have come in about a gagged priest at Springfield’s St. Aloysius church called 911 late last year and asked them for help because he had been “playing” with handcuffs and he got stuck. Audio of Father Tom Donovan’s Nov. 28 911 call was published by the Illinois Times on Thursday.
“I’m stuck in a pair of handcuffs and I’m going to need help getting out before it becomes a medical emergency,” Donovan tells the dispatcher in a muffled voice.
Abbey-Roads also reports a spokesperson from the diocese told the media that on Jan. 10, Father Tom Donovan, pastor of St. Aloysius Church in Springfield, approached Bishop Thomas Paprocki about the incident prior to Christmas and before it attracted media attention.

It was said the priest “asked for help and was granted leave to deal with personal issues.” She added that he is “away from the parish.” Though the police gave assistance to the priest, the incident report indicated that there was no crime committed. Police said the priest was wearing an orange jumpsuit and a mask with a gag in his mouth, the St. Louis NBC affiliate KSDK reports.

AT2W's Take: We may never know the real story behind why the priest was handcuffed along with accessories used for bondage but we all can speculate that it could not have been anything of good spirits coming out of this. What is the church coming to when they play these type of games in the house of God and disrespect his honor?  
Watch the video below for the details and hear the priest's voice on the 911 call:

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