Sunday, February 15, 2015

Confronting a Narcissistic Apostolic Mother


  Confronting a Narcissistic Apostolic Mother

Two days after that tense conversation with my father, my mother decided to call. I remember it like it was yesterday. Everything I would say she would have something to say against it. As a young girl, the memories of my mother constantly telling me that I was fat played with me mentally. My mother and I knew that I was never fat as a child. When I asked her why did she say those things, the lies started. “You’re right Samantha; you were never fat as a child. I’m sorry if I hurt you in the past and even now and I promise you I will never mention your weight again. It’s just that you are a reflection of me and I see myself in you,” said my mother. That conversation didn’t do any good because my “so-called saved” mother kept verbally abusing me...
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