Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Black Preacher as a Cult Leader?, Report Says


The Cult Leader: The Black Preacher
Today, the Black Preacher is the most egotistical and controversial character of the times. Below is a video I believe, supports what I just stated. Throughout the video pay close attention to the following: 
1. At 19:05-SamVaknin describes the narcissistic cult leader. In this section he also explains that people are instruments of gratifications, criticism are unheard of, discipline is maintained, and most importantly- the cult leader must have total control of a group of weak minded, unthinking, and reflecting people. The above are examples of a cult leader, which in my opinion is the perfect description of the Black Preacher today. Mr. Vaknin also explains that most cult leaders displays 7 out of 9 NPD traits, which I find extremely alarming...
Read full report HERE

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