Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Obnoxious Narcissist Andrew Caldwell


 Andrew Caldwell: The Obnoxious Narcissist

What can I say about the infamous Andrew Caldwell? This type of person is what I call a 'Obnoxious Narcissist'. An Obnoxious Narcissist in my opinion is someone who loves to show off and draw attention to oneself, even if that means doing absolutely anything  to grab the spotlight. Now, doesn't that sounds like Mr. Caldwell. Andrew Caldwell is an embarrassment to all Black churches all over. For people who struggles with  homosexuality and wants to be free, this is the worst advocate that the Black Church could have ever choose to say the words, "I'm not gay no more, I am delivert".

We do not support Mr. Caldwell at all, in fact we believe it was all an publicity stunt...

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