Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where is the Traditional Black Church Today?

Where is the Traditional Black Church Today?

In African American history, the "Black Church" has been the focal point for the Black community for centuries. "The Church" has established itself as the greatest source for African American religious enrichment. However, today the term " Black Church" part takes in racial disparities and  the glamorous religious lifestyles within the Black community.

What happen to the Traditional Black Church where all who were of color gathered together in harmony to worship, to help those who needed help, and discuss ways of  escaping bondage from The  Enemy: Narcissistic White Man. Today, the "Black Church" is full of narcissistic prosperity preachers who are scared of "preaching the truth" about today's issues. When was the last time your Black preacher preached about racial disparities in the Black community? Not very often, huh? Right!  In African American history-it was known that the "Black Church" or the "Black Religion" were the threat of white existence. Today, we are no where near where we were in our ancestors days...

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