Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Black Church: Is it All about the Titles and Positions


The Black Church: It's All in the Title
In the “Black Church” it is imperative that you have a title and/or a position. Let the church say ‘Amen’ and let’s all go home- because I just revealed the truth. That’s right, if you don’t carry a title that resembles: Bishop, Elder, Minister, First Lady, Deacon, Arm Bearer, Mother of the Church, etc- you are not important. The black church is a cult that justifies materialism and titles. The Black Church use titles and positions to please people, to make connections and gain approval amongst other affiliations and the community. There are individuals who worship these false preachers, mother's, elders, and bishops because of their position. What many people fail to realize is that whenever you worship another human being you are committing what is called “Idolatry”....

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