Sunday, February 15, 2015

Narcissistic Characteristics of Black Celebrities and Pastors


Black Celebrities and Pastors that have Narcissistic Characteristics 

The world is full of narcissistic people. They can be your parents, boss, co-worker, or even a friend. Narcissist’s comes off as being charming charismatic individuals- but beware; they are treacherous people that prey on the weak. For instance, the news around the world is focus on Bill Cosby and the numerous of allegations from various women. Before I give my opinion on what type of narcissistic behavior Bill Cosby struggles from- I must first explain the similarities of Bill Cosby and the ‘egomaniac black preacher’.

The ‘egomaniac black preacher’ is usually someone who loves control. This type of preacher expects their members to adhere to their wishes-even if it goes against the Bible and his/her morals. The ‘egomaniac black preacher ‘sees themselves as being more intelligent and knowledgeable than anyone else on any subject and uses their wisdom to draw their narcissistic supply (I will explain what this is later) on the weak. Examples of ‘egomaniac black preacher’ are: Eddie Long (yes, he definitely fits this description-remember the homosexual allegations with those young men from his church), Craig Lamar Davis (the preacher from Georgia that slept with several church members and gave them AIDS) and the list goes on, but you get my drift....

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