Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Incapability of My Narcissistic Mother's Love

My Story: The Incapability of My Narcissistic Mother's Love

 After years of verbal abuse I now understood why my mother wasn't capable of loving me. Who and what she perceived to be was all in her imagination. Obviously, her image of herself and how others perceived her to be was imperative that she was willing to demise whoever got in her way through manipulation, lying, and abuse. A normal mothers’ love is a healthy unconditional love that requires a bonding beyond the surface appearance and behavior of someone. A normal mothers’ love is soul based, meaning- she loves you regardless of what was said or happen. Sadly, my ‘holy ghost filled’ ‘fire-baptized’ narcissistic mother doesn’t know the meaning or the feeling of unconditional love.

 My mother rarely said the words “I Love You.” In replace my siblings and I got devilish glares, name calling, lies and her jealous rage. After the confrontation with my mother I begged her twice for her and I to spend time together alone-and have a ‘girls day’ together (you know like: nails, hair, pedicure, & shopping)....

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