Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Egotistical Character, The First Lady


The Egotistical Character, The First Lady

Pardon me, but who came up with the term 'First Lady'? Whoever is responsible for this, has created a mess! And the only ones that's using this term is the Black Church. Why though? FYI black church folks, there's only one true 'First Lady' and guess who that is? President Barack Obama's wife; First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. So, why must the Black Church continue with this? In the Black Church, the term 'First Lady' signifies someone who is to be highly visible, respected, well-dressed, and wears the biggest most flamboyant hats. Well, let me tell you what the title 'First Lady' really is. The term 'First Lady' is not scriptural. It is not Biblical nor spiritual. It is however, made-man, superficial, and consider a egotistical term.

I knew young girls that dreamt about becoming a 'First Lady'. Funny, isn't it! Yep, an  acquaintance of mine admired and talked day and night about becoming a First Lady. Eventually, she became just that. But did you know that most who are considered 'First Lady' aren't as holy as you think they are? You didn't know that huh? In fact, the Black Church 'First Lady' is the most snobbish, scandalmonger, egotistical, and narcissistic character within the church. They're self-absorbed and mean women that will reprimand anyone in a second (think twice before you go to her in confidence)...

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