Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Growing Up Apostolic and How it Affected Me

 Growing Up Apostolic 

Growing up in a small town where everyone practically knew everyone wasn’t exciting at all. My life was consist of church when I was younger-every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning and Sunday night was the norm. I grew up in the apostolic faith. At that time, as a child I knew being apostolic meant I and others similar to me couldn’t wear makeup, jewelry, pants, etc. I abhorred this very much. Going to school I could only wear long skirts and everyone knew me as “the Christian Girl” or “Holy-Rolly”. But what I found out later in life was being apostolic isn’t anything special.

You see- apostolic church folks would always identify themselves as “the truth” or the only doctrine that preaches the “the truth”. When in actuality, the apostolic faith is full of pastors that cheats on their wives with members on the church, pastors that steals, first ladies that have affairs, elders that physically abuse their wives, and the list goes on-but you get my drift....

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